Program Accreditation Committee (PAC) evaluates and reviews the results of the assessment of program educational objectives once in every three years. If any modification and/or addition into the program educational objectives are required, they shall be discussed at the Program Academic Board (PACB) and Program Advisory Board (PAB). Afterwards, the addressed concerns shall be submitted as quickly as possible to Faculty Academic Board (FAB) in order to facilitate the program improvement. Alumni and industry concerns are considered primarily for long‐term changes in the program of study.
Program Education Committee (PEC) evaluates the results of the assessment of each outcome once every two years. If any weakness or concern is noticed in the program outcomes, then the PEC employs appropriate measures to satisfy the outcomes.

Assessment of each outcome

Depending on the current results of the surveys, the department overall efficiency is satisfactory. Therefore, there is not any significant future program improvement plans based upon recent evaluations. However, the update of the survey will be considered.